Used: Honda FR-V

You may not have heard of the Honda FR-V after all it wasn’t marketed all that much in the UK and it was only produced between 2004 and 2009. Therefore if you are looking for a brand new MPV, then this isn’t the car for you. However if you aren’t too fussy about things being brand new, and dont min’d having a second hand Honda FR-V, then this could be the car for you.

I’m not entirely sure why the FR-V wasn’t a success, for I believe this is one of the best looking MPVs ever. I think mainly because the Honda Fr-V is the only MPV that look like it knows what it is, I think a huge problem with MPVs these days is the designers confuse Multi Purpose with Multi Styles, the look inconsistent, the backs don’t measure up with the front, to me they always look a bit like a mix and mash of a few different cars, which is an eyesore.

The FR-V on the other hand is more van like in appearance, but the similarities don’t just stop at appearance. The Honda FR-V has two rows of seats, both of which have 3 seats, meaning you gear stick sticks out of the dashboard which increases space in the front row, and again resembles the set up you would find in a van. The set up is much more clever than what you would find in a standard van however, you can fold the middle chair down flat or just flip the seat over and use it for storage or a mini table for you and the front seat passenger. Furthermore all seats are on a rail of there own so they can slide back and forth to help create space where it is needed.

Honda FR-V (5)


Another Positive is that the FR-V actually drives well, it’s fun, the suspension is on point and the handling feels perfect. The equipment levels are strong and your safety is well looked after as it always is with Honda. For a second hand Honda FR-V you are looking at anywhere between £3,105 – £14,045, if I was getting one I would be looking for one from 2009 and be willing to spend up to £9,000 on it.

The only other MPV I have ever driven is the Mazda 5 which was actually a newer model from 2012, and despite it being a more modern MPV I would definitely opt for the Honda FR-V.