Used: BMW 2 Series coupe

The BMW 2 Series coupe hasn’t been with us for that long of a time, so even if you are looking at buying a second hand BMW 2-Series, the words, budget, cheap or affordable hardly come to mind, though I guess that depends on how much money you have.

For any decent used 2 Series you would be looking at spending over £20,000 which isn’t great when you consider that the new BMW 2 Series can be purchased for £22,355.00. Nevertheless you depending on what spec you get you can save a couple of thousand pounds, and even though that might seem minimal, you can’t really scoff at saving two grand. With the BMW 2 series, there isn’t really much to say, and that isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how you’d think it would be. Comfortable, responsive, fast and luxurious. With a car of this caliber you can’t really go wrong, it really just comes down to looks. Do you like the look of it and can you afford it? If you answered yes to both of the above then I’m going to go out on a limb and urge you to buy it.

As I say you don’t stand to save that much if you buy a second hand BMW 2 Series, however I can only speak from experienced and I have only experienced a used BMW 2 Series which I thoroughly enjoyed, and whilst wouldn’t advise against buying a used one, I think if I had that kind of money I would save up for a little longer and buy a new model.