Favourite Four

Welcome to Favourite Four where we take a look at our favourite 4 cars that have passed through the doors over the last month. This month the four that made the cut are the Chrysler Ypsilon, Volvo V70, Honda CR-V and the Chevrolet Captiva.

4: Chrysler Ypsilon

The Chrysler Ypsilon is one crazy looking car. When I saw it I assumed it was a Fiat with an outrageous body kit on it, I guess part of the reason the Ypsilon is on the list is that I have never seen one before, and a car you’ve never seen before, these days, is a pretty rare thing. From what I have heard, unfortunately the Ypsilon isn’t nicest car to drive, in fact according to a number of reviews you will be able to get a cheaper rival that drives better. Yet there is still a certain charm to the Ypsilon. Call me crazy, but I tend not to trust reviews these days, I’ve been in cars that have got terrible reviews online and I dare say, if I was a passenger with a blindfold on I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a car with 1 star and a car with 5. Obviously in some cases the reviews have a point, but I think a lot f the problems are only there when you look for them. In other words do yourself, and originality a favour and get yourself a second hand Chrysler Ypsilon.

3: Volvo V70

This is a special entry! I was planning a trip to IKEA to get a load of furniture for the office. I rented a van to do the job, however on the day I planned to go I got a phone call early morning saying they had double booked my van and could no longer rent it to me. Very annoying as I had gone out of my way to make sure that I kept that day free. Laura to the rescue. Fellow employee and coffee drinker ;p Laura, heard of my problem after I had a mini rant and offered to drive us down in the her second hand Volvo V70, which she insisted would be able to carry what I was planning on buying comfortably. I trusted her and she was right, the boot in the Volvo V70 was more than big enough to carry everything we’ve bought. The ride there was most comfortable, and even on the way back with the added weight we didn’t seem to suffer and there was plenty of power. Another thing that really impressed me was how quite it was in the cabin even at high motorway speeds.

2: Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V crossed our path last week and whilst I’m sure I’ve seen one before, I didn’t immediately recognise it, I didn’t even clock that it was a Honda till it was right in front of me. It is classed as a Crossover, as it as easy to drive as a large hatchback, and though it has more space and it does have some off road credentials, though these are limited. We had a 1.6 diesel one to play with which was always ready to open up, the fuel consumption also seemed pretty economical with the engine sipping away slowly. You can save around £10,000 by getting the CR-V over the likes of the BMW X3 for a car with a very similar spec. You can also save even more if you get a nearly new second hand Honda CR-V that is spec’d out.

1: Chevrolet Captiva

The Chevrolet Captiva is another SUV kind of car, it is a little bigger than the CR-V with a much better ground clearance. I Got the chance to take one off roading at the start of march and had an absolute whale of a time, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was better than a Land Rover off road, but it still surprised me how much fun you can have, I should also mention that on road the Captiva was superb.  If you are going to get a second hand Chevrolet Captiva we recommend going for the a model that is post 2011, which is when the car got a bit of a revamp.